When Reflections Matter - The epitome of art decor

"A polished or smooth surface (as of glass) that forms images by reflection" - This is the definition of a mirror when we look it up in the dictonary. But to us the definiton of a mirror is so much more. When looking in the history books, the oldest man-made mirrors originate from ancient Egypt, where the rich Egyptians mirrored in polished silver and other metals. Today it is so much more than a practical object, today the mirror has a broad specktrum of opportunities and a mirror can have a major impact on our interior design.

Decorative & Dynamic centerpiece
For us, mirrors are the epitome of art decor. A cool and sculptural mirror can work as a beautiful decorative item. They are now infiltrating furniture and decorative accessories to create a whole different dimension and dynamics in a room. We use the Octagon mirror as a true statement piece that gives that extra dazzling look to the room. It can work as a surprising, unifying or supporting element in interior decoration. The only rule that we have when it comes to mirrors is there are are no rules - beautiful mirrors are not limited to the hallway or the bathroom, but are very useful as decorations in the living room or as independent furniture in the bedroom, living area, kitchen, or study room.

Create depth & space in the room
Put a big mirror on the wall and it will mirror the entire room, it will instantly create the illusion of a larger room and a little more airy feeling. While doing so it will also add some spark, personality and a refined look. Hang a mirror against the light incident from a window and the light is reflected around the room - throw around with the light and with angles. We are also all about decorating an otherwise dull wall with a bright and eye catching mirror. Here we love to use the Harlequin Mirror


Put it down
We are also all about putting the mirror down - set the mirror at the dinning table, at your favorite console table or at your enjoyable daybed - here we prefer the Simplex mirror.

When adding flowers 
Because of the dazzling, lively and timeless expression of the reflection effect we have created the Reflection vase as a decorative design element to the table, window ledge or the shelves.   

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